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This Bob Marley Cake has been the most requested cake EVER! I wish I could ship him!

He is all yummy!  And all made of sugar and chocolate. His skin is made of tinted white chocolate and eyes and ganja made of sugar-paste, and his dreads are made of chocolate. He is ALL delicious and edible (except for the wire for structure in his dreads).  It’s amazing what can be made out of a few ingredients… I have posted this blog post on how to make your own vegan gum paste, with more examples of creations that can be made.

His music makes me happy!  I listened to it entirely while making this cake. I felt like he was REALLY staring back at me – it was a bit surreal!

Below are a few photos to check out from the video on YouTube

Thanks for looking – and all comments are very much appreciated!  Thanks for looking : )

You can also watch the video I posted on YouTube Here

*This blog post was originally posted a few years ago on my first blog site

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  1. Im going to do this cake. Beautiful work!

  2. Bless your hands. Amazing work! Continued success to you. I'm going to do this!

  3. I would love to see your Bob Marley Cake when you are finished. Have fun making him : )

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