I am a third generation artist originally from Portland, Oregon, and have lived in Santa Fe since 2000.  I received a BFA of Fine Art, specializing in painting and sculpture. I love all things artistic and constantly try to challenge myself with learning a new creative skill.  I also have a huge passion for cooking and experimenting with new ingredients in my kitchen – this is how the cake adventure began. My son wanted a Yoda cake for his eighth birthday, and the rest is history!

A few things that give me inspiration and make me happy!


Art has been a constant passion since I was about four years old – when I first started oil painting. Pictured are some of my more recent wall sculptures.

I have exhibited my work in galleries in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Santa Fe, and have sold internationally.

My art website will be back online soon if you’d like to see more! (currently under maintenance).

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I love the big blue New Mexico Sky! I moved here for the art scene and the sunshine.


I love experimenting in my kitchen! I love to make cakes, and ALL kinds of other things… I am a true foodie! I love great food made with unique and gourmet ingredients – I avoid processed and fast food always!

Above with my Bob Marley Cake.

Below is one of my latest kitchen adventures: Freshly made sourdough bread made with my own wild Santa Fe starter – fun! And, quite yummy!


And, last but definitely not least, are my two amazing boys. Here we are a few years ago having some Mac photo booth fun!  They rule my world, and I love them to death! They are the reason the whole ‘cake-thing’ started…  My youngest is a chef in training 🙂

Photo 29